All Thanks to a Letter from the Mental Health Navigator

In October, the Mental Health Navigator, who connects community members that are in need, or in crisis, with the system of mental health care, received a referral from law enforcement for an individual who was experiencing delusions and repeatedly contacting the police for assistance.

When the Mental Health Navigator tried to reach out to the client, they found out that the phone number that was provided for the client was out of service. The Navigator was unwilling to write that client off at the first hurdle, and with a little quick thinking and determination, took it upon themself to quickly write up a personal letter to the client at their provided home address. The letter introduced themselves and the program, and the Navigator also sent along a packet full of resources that they had collected in the community.

A few days after the letter was sent out, the client contacted the Mental Health Navigator because they received the letter and wanted help. The individual needed medications but did not remember who they worked with previously, and was without many resources, including a phone and car.

The Navigator assisted the individual in finding the health service that had helped them prior and was able to provide transportation for the client to and from their appointment. The client was finally able to get their much-needed treatment, all thanks to a letter from the Mental Health Navigator!

More about the Mental Health Navigator:

The Mental Health Navigator serves Calumet, Outagamie, and Winnebago counties, and connects community members in need, or in crisis, with the system of mental health care. The Navigator can help schedule appointments with primary care physicians or mental health providers, get transportation to and from appointments, and can help navigate the world of health insurance. At this time, referrals to the Mental Health Navigator are only made by law enforcement, 211, and pre-approved community agencies.

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