Discover the Difference You Can Make as a Community Employment Mentor

At VPI, a trait we often find in our employees is passion. Whether it is for the work they do, the people they help, or the impact they make, our employees are consistently thriving in an environment developed for continuous growth. As a community employment mentor, the feeling of passion comes easy.

We interviewed Heidi, a current community employment mentor, to share her story and to discover where her passion stems from.

Heidi began working at VPI in 2016 as a Community Employment Mentor. This position supports individuals with employment limitations when they begin a new job in the community, with the goal of encouraging their independence and skill development.

“I have a strong passion for helping people and knew that I’ve always wanted to have a career helping others in some capacity,” said Heidi. Heidi knew that fulfilling her passion would be made easy when she found that VPI’s mission matched what she was looking for in a place of employment.

However, little did Heidi know that this mission would soon have a whole new meaning for her and her family.

Shortly after beginning her job with VPI, Heidi found out her eldest son was diagnosed with Autism. Heidi said this life experience developed a new level of empathy and compassion for people with disabilities. Despite the limited availability she now had due to caring for her son, she chose to continue with her position as a community employment mentor because the flexibility of this position allowed her stay in the workforce and choose hours that worked with her schedule.

Heidi encourages anyone that is looking for a career change or the opportunity to make a real impact in their community to try community employment mentoring through VPI’s Workforce Solutions program.

Heidi continues to pursue her passion for helping others, and you too, could discover the difference you could make as a Community Employment Mentor.

Heidi, VPI Community Employment Mentor
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