Check In With Your Loved Ones During Social Isolation and Loneliness Week

The upcoming holiday season is often full of joy, laughter, and cheer. But for those struggling with social isolation or loneliness, this is a time where their feelings are heighted to an unimaginable degree. Social Isolation and Loneliness Awareness week is the perfect time to educate yourself and reach out to people in your community.

Feelings of depression, lack of engagement, body pain and heart issues are just some symptoms that those experiencing loneliness or isolation may deal with, which is why social isolation and loneliness are being recognized as a public health concern. While people of all ages and backgrounds can experience loneliness and social isolation, the elderly and people with disabilities are most susceptible.

Together, we can help make a positive impact on those who need our support this holiday season. Having quality conversations and deep connections with people, along with healthy habits and boundaries for yourself can decrease the feelings onset by social isolation and loneliness.

Even the small act of showing someone you care by reaching out can have large impact on someone who is these experiencing feelings. Give a friend a call, stop by, or ask how they are doing.

Resources such as the VPI Community Outreach Center or A Friendship Place can also be beneficial for someone experiencing social isolation or loneliness. They both provide sense of community and offer supportive and self-empowering services that encourage independence, hosts group activities, stimulate healthy habits and provide support for mental health.

If you or someone you know are experiencing social isolation or loneliness, remember you are not alone in this fight. Together we can provide support, social connections, and have a joyful holiday season.

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