Appleton Technical Academy Students Exceed Production Goals at VPI

Students from Appleton Technical Academy (ATECH) became immersed with knowledge, memories, and hands-on skill development over the course of an 8-day educational program at VPI, working and learning on-the-job at our Roemer Production Facility.

ATECH is an Appleton Area School District charter school that aids high-school students in preparations for their desired technical career.

During the program, students learned about VPI’s mission to empower individuals in our community, along with how we work towards it every day though our packaging services and other programs. They heard from multiple VPI production staff to learn about different types of jobs in manufacturing, and then had the opportunity to begin working on production lines to bring their knowledge about manufacturing and packaging into action.

Students had the opportunity to independently run a production line, filling all tasks that ranged from line leading to palletizing. Each day, students looked at the previous days production numbers, which inspired them to work even harder and continuously improve their quality and efficiency. They even beat the internal production goals multiple times throughout the two weeks!

VPI staff were impressed by the hardworking attitudes that the ATECH students brought with them each day, and the students even seemed to be surprised by their own growth. This 8-day program was an unforgettable program for both students and VPI staff.

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