Substance Use Program Assessor


This position is a Substance Use Program Assessor located at Outagamie County. The Substance Use Program Assessor works as an agent of the county to screen individuals and families requesting substance use services or information.  Functions as the main contact and coordinates services for the Intoxicated Driver’s Program.   Completes Intoxicated Driver’s Assessments and Intoxicated Driver Safety Plans.  Provides follow-up and case management services including but not limited to referrals for services, assessment and case managing for the Intoxicated Driver’s Program and consumers within this program and Substance Use programming in general.  Provides consultation with other county Divisions and other entities as needed.  Works under the direction of the Clinical Director, assigned Clinical Supervisor, and works within the State of Wisconsin scope of practice.


  1. Assesses, diagnoses, and recommends treatment using ASAM, WAID and related placement criteria to ensure the consumer’s needs are met, including Intoxicated Driver Assessments and Driver Safety Plans.
  2. Works collaboratively with the consumer to develop a Driver’s Safety Plan that addresses the needs of the consumer.
  3. Ensures timely completion and submission of required forms to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation; completion and submission of referral and clinical information when appropriate to contracted service providers.
  4. Monitors consumer progress in completion of the Driver’s Safety Plan.
  5. Ensures compliance with federal, state, and county mandates including DHS 75 and DHS 62 and other applicable regulations.
  6. Collaborates with multiple disciplines to effectively and efficiently provide consumer care and achieve desired outcomes.
  7. Demonstrates an understanding of and sensitivity to cultural, environmental, and social factors that might impact the consumer and treatment experience.
  8. Performs other duties as assigned.


  1. Associates degree with certification as a Substance Abuse Counselor (SAC) required. Training and completion of the Intoxicated Driver’s Assessment will be provided if needed.

Pay: $24.25-25.72

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