When you partner with VPI Packaging Solutions, you provide education, employment, and social and recreational opportunities for those with disabilities or disadvantages in the greater Fox Valley community. Revenue generated by this work helps fund many of our Community Programs and Services.

As your partner in business, we become an extension of your diversity and inclusion efforts.

Point of Purchase Displays

Specializing in point of purchase (POP) displays of all varieties, we assemble hundreds of thousands annually. We will pair your product with the custom packaging and assembly services required to accommodate virtually any type of retail display.

Common display types include pallets (quarter, half and full), floor displays, counter displays, end caps, and clip strips.

Shrink Wrapping/Shrink Bundling

Give us your product, and we’ll propose a way to wrap it! This tamper-resistant overwrap is often used in retail for a tight seal on multiple items. Common uses include PPE products, pet pads, diapers, soft products, napkins, feminine care, and other personal care products.

Bag Packaging

This packaging method  tucks and seals the packaging material to give it a clean, square bottom that encloses and protects the contained product. Common uses include PPE products, pet pads, diapers, soft products, napkins, feminine care, and other personal care products.

Carton Load/Hot Glue

Ideal for point-of-purchase products of different shapes and sizes, the carton loading and heat-sealing process results in a crisp-looking package and helps ensure product packaging is tamper resistant. Cartons are auto-erected, filled, and sent through a conveyor where flaps are folded and glued closed. Common uses include facial tissue, feminine care products, wax paper, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and other food prep products.

Horizontal Flow Wrapping

This application offers great flexibility for products of various shapes and sizes. Printed-registered wrapping allows for printing custom product information directly on the packaging material instead of using a plain wrap. Common uses include greeting cards and envelopes, PPE products, cutlery, and promotional products.


Customizable printing and high-speed application. Common uses include books, cartons, cases, canisters, and bottles.

Kitting/Light Assembly

At VPI, we can meet all of your unique Kitting and Light Assembly needs.  Kitting is the process where separate but related items are picked, packaged, and supplied together under one part number. Assembly is the process where we are taking separate but related items and building a part or component that is most likely used upstream as part of a manufacturing process. Both Kitting and Assembly utilize manpower that many times manufacturers just don’t have or would like to re-deploy to roles that provide more value internally. 

Satellite Manufacturing

If your company is facing capacity and/or manpower constraints, VPI may be the answer. Place your equipment on our production floor and we will staff it, run it, and maintain it to your specifications. This type of arrangement allows you to:

  • More effectively utilize your manpower, while taking advantage of ours, and giving individuals valuable job skills
  • Save money without the added cost of hiring temporary help
  • Increase overall productivity
  • Free up space in your facility

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