Empowering Communities and Breaking Records: Unraveling VPI’s Workforce Solutions and Their Record-Breaking Month

Last month marked a record-breaking achievement for VPI’s Workforce Solutions team. Alongside the incredible individuals VPI’s Workforce Solutions team had the opportunity to work with, they successfully completed 1,307.9 hours of job coaching—a milestone surpassing any previous monthly record.

VPI’s Workforce Solutions, with its recent milestone of 1,307.9 hours of job coaching, is more than just a service—it’s a catalyst for positive change and inclusivity in our community. By breaking down barriers to employment, empowering individuals, and fostering collaborative relationships, they contribute not only to the success of job seekers but also to the overall growth and prosperity of the community. In celebrating their achievements, it becomes evident that VPI’s Workforce Solutions is unlocking the potential in all individuals and creating a brighter future for all.

Now that we’ve got the lowdown on VPI’s Workforce Solutions recent win, let’s dive into what they’re all about and how their success is making a visible difference in the community!

What is VPI’s Workforce Solutions?

At the core of VPI’s Workforce Solutions is a dedicated team of Community Employment Mentors. Together, they bridge the gap between job seekers and employment opportunities through Job Coaching, Skill Instruction, and Employment Mentoring. This trio of services empowers individuals with barriers to employment, providing them with the skills needed for success in the workforce.

Purpose and Mission

VPI’s Workforce Solutions continuously engages employers and community partners to merge individuals facing employment barriers into the workforce. Similar to the impact VPI as a whole is creating, VPI’s Workforce Solutions strives to promote inclusivity for those facing employment barriers. Their mission revolves around achieving successful employment outcomes while promoting respect, dignity, inclusion, and independence through community employment mentorship. The 1,307.9 hours of job coaching underscore their dedication to building strong relationships through recruitment, training, development, and employee retention, fostering a positive impact on both individuals and the community.

A strength of VPI’s Workforce Solutions lies in its diverse partnerships with employers like Culvers, Double Tree Neenah, and Goodwill. The network extends to VPI Community Day Center, Popeye’s, Clever K9s, the YMCA and more, creating a collaborative environment that benefits job seekers and businesses alike. This vast network provides the support VPI’s Workforce Solutions needs in their mission to break down barriers to employment.

By focusing on Skills for Work, Community Employment, and Job Placement, the main programs within VPI’s Workforce Solutions, the team lays the groundwork for sustainable and fulfilling careers.

Skills for Work: US Venture – A Corporate Collaboration

In efforts to create a more inclusive workforce and allow individuals with employment barriers an opportunity to gain workforce skills and experiences first-hand, U.S. Venture has partnered with VPI to offer a variety of work environments for our clients to learn in and work for.

This collaboration with US Venture further illustrates VPI’s Workforce Solutions’ commitment to creating employment pathways and developing individuals’ soft and hard skills for future career opportunities. Their involvement spans the corporate office, 222 Building, U.S. AutoForce, and Riverview Gardens. By engaging with various sectors, the team ensures a broad impact on the employment and experience landscape, allowing clients to learn what they like and do best.

VPI congratulations our Workforce Solutions team on the record-breaking accomplishment they achieved in the month of October with over 1,300 job coaching hours. They continue to advocate for, prepare, and educate individuals with employment barriers for opportunities with local employers in our community, ensuring everyone receive a fair chance at employment. Thank you for all you do for your community, VPI’s Workforce Solutions team!

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