Valley Packaging Industries, Inc. is now VPI, Inc.

Valley Packaging Industries, Inc. has had a long, successful history of providing our community with packaging services and community programs that empower our community, but one of the biggest struggles we have faced is community understanding.

We always get asked questions like, “why does a packaging company run an Early Intervention Program” or “why would we trust a packaging company to care for our loved one during the day?” We get why these questions are being asked and we would probably be asking the same thing if we were in someone else’s shoes.

After receiving extensive community feedback and doing significant evaluation of our purpose in the community, we have decided to change our name to better reflect who we are, who we have been, and who we plan to be, as we continue providing essential services – both packaging and community programs – to the Fox Cities and surrounding areas.

The truth is, we are a packaging company, but we are also a successful community program provider, and the name “Valley Packaging Industries, Inc.” does not reflect all that we are.

Our two different business units rely on each other, and help each other carry out our mission. Through our packaging services, we are able to offer a highly integrated workforce, and offset some of the costs that come from running community programs and services that support the changing needs of our community members with disabilities or disadvantages.

We are still the same 501(c)(3) non-profit organization we were yesterday, and we plan to continue on the same path that we have been forging in our community since our inception in 1956.

We are simply operating under a new name, with a new logo, that better reflects who we are. We are VPI.

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